Winter 2022-’23

December 10th, 2022: The Green Gables perennial gardens are now all cut down and the conifers wrapped in burlap for winter protection…quite a labor in itself, as we were racing against the weather. As a result, at the front of green Gables, we now have Door County’s biggest croissant! The bleak-looking winter form of the multitude of plants starkly contrasts with their blazing riot of colors towards the end of the growing season. Finally I now have time to reflect on all the gardening triumphs and tragedies of the year: In the former category, the addition of a sophisticated irrigation system in the late spring ’22 was an absolute game-changer. After that, I was able to install the sod lawn, and create gravel seating areas and pathways…and consequently the final ‘look’ of the place has now emerged. On a less happy note, the bunny rabbits and I rapidly became less than friends! The garden will next return in its spring glory at the end of May, lasting through June, after which the perennials will take over. Tom Wolfe will now take on the role of permanent Head Gardener, and I am excited to see what happens next year under his daily care. In the meanwhile, the winter snow is on its way and will soon blanket the whole garden in sparkling white, ready for it’s well-earned winter’s sleep…

Green Gables house
Green Gables garden
European beech, spruce, and apple trees
Green Gables home in snow
Green Gables
Door County, WI

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